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The LinkedIn Blueprint: Attract Income & Opportunities With Authentic Content

Tobi Oluwole
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Learn the strategies I used to gain 30 Million+ views, 40,000+ followers, attract job offers and generate over $300,000 in revenue by posting authentic content on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful organic tools to ever exist.

It allows you to build relationships with people that you ordinarily would never cross paths with and access opportunities that you probably didn't know existed.

All by creating content that can potentially reach hundreds of thousands of people.

But how do you get what you want out of LinkedIn without having 100,000 followers?

Well, here is The LinkedIn Blueprint.

The Blueprint consists of 6 video lessons that show you exactly how I create content, access opportunities and generate revenue on LinkedIn by creating content.

These strategies have led to me receiving multiple job offers, generating 6-figures for my side hustles, creating genuine relationships and eventually buying my first property and dream Tesla.

All from LinkedIn in less 2 years - starting with a small number of followers. 

The Course Curriculum

Part 1: Why you should pay attention to LinkedIn

Part 2: What makes great content

Part 3: How to craft authentic content

Part 4: Growing Your Engagement

Part 5: Attracting Opportunities & Income

Part 6: The 40 Day Challenge

What You Get:

  • 6 video lessons with practical steps
  • 8-Page workbook with action items 
  • My Top 25 Most Viewed LinkedIn Posts (eBook)

What people say about me:

"As an alum of Tobi’s coaching program, I can wholeheartedly say that it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made to this day. Thanks for all the invaluable insights!" - Adem A.

"You have always been so genuine and real with people. You always seemed so positive to me whenever I say you! On top of that, you inspire us with your willingness to push forward no matter how many obstacles you get. I'm very inspired and encouraged by your journey." - Eric L.

"Your posts resonate so much with me! I just really wanted to let you know that I really appreciate the work you do. It has helped me get up on my feet." - Abeer R.

"I just want to say thank you for helping me get started with my business. When we met I was full of doubt and uncertainty. Thank you for believing in me and encouraging me and most of all, making me believe in myself. Every time I get a new client, I get so excited!" - Thabeetha R.

"I have been seeing Tobi posting on LinkedIn for weeks now and what really resonated with me is that having one stream of income is the most risky thing you can do. Now I've been able to minimize that risk and build something on my own." - Lester B.

"Tobi, we don't know each other but I've been following you on LinkedIn for some time and feel compelled to tell you how amazing and generous I think your work and advice is. I really admire your willingness to share and believe the benefits to those you touch are far and wide. Keep up the amazing work!" - Pamela B.

If you want people to:

  • Interact with your content more often
  • See you as a thought leader
  • Build genuine relationships with you
  • Give you access to hidden job opportunities
  • Become your customers

The LinkedIn Blueprint can get you there!

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My Top 25 Most Viewed LinkedIn Posts (eBook)
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The LinkedIn Blueprint: Attract Income & Opportunities With Authentic Content

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